Logo's and Mural's

Hand painted wall art for gyms, restaurants and all kinds of business, and even Holiday yard art!
The logos are either hand painted onto the surface of the wall or building, and in some cases I build a wooden surface to attach to the wall or exterior like a peak on a roof or a wall inside or stake in your yard. Length of time can vary due to weather or accessibility to the area. Most projects I finish quickly. Some projects especially if hard to reach or rough surfaces can take longer. In the end you get a quality logo or mural, that can be used for advertisement as well as for social media presence or holiday decorations.
I usually sit down with the customer or email and text if customer wishes, to develop the concept art of what they would like to have on their business or home.
Pricing is usually calculated on individual projects as each one is a different size and complexity. I am very fair when it comes to this, but I also have to consider the costs for supplies. In some cases a ladder just wont do and lift truck to reach high places to paint could be needed and is good for safety reasons. The customer is responsible for this, (if needed). Overall you will get a fantastic one of a kind logo or mural for your business and or home.
Thank you, “Let’s Create!”
Carl Beatty